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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Lost Identity

Once I also had an opportunity to witness a scene which no one would expect and even like to see. A policeman looking like a Sikh, with the hair of his beard just allowed to come out of the roots, was puffing a ‘bidi’ inside the train. A sense of uneasiness wriggled into my body. After a few seconds some 5 to 6 sturdy, tall, uniformed Nihangs, decorated with traditional weapons, entered the compartment. The policeman hardly took any time to throw the half puffed ‘bidi’ out of the window. All the jawans of 'Guru Ki Fauj' settled beside him. All of them had long flowing beards with their moustaches touching their chins. I could see a sense of complex in his eyes.

He started pulling his, hardly seen, moustaches in a scope of proving something impossible. Maybe he was trying to find his lost identity!


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