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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Journalist with the 'Indian Express'

For few months in 2000 I worked as a freelance journalist with the 'Indian Express'. Here are some of the reports published in the newspaper during that time.

A Historic Report in the Indian Express

This special report was first published by me in the 'Indian Express' in August 2000 predicting a shift in the Male to Female ratio in Punjab.

It was years later that the demographers confirmed that such a shift has actually happened due to the malpractices of the medical professionals which went unchecked and unnoticed for years.

According to a senior journalist working for the 'Indian Express' there was an intense debate in the editorial room on whether this report should be published or not because one of the clinics mentioned in this report was running regular advertisements in the newspaper!

In the end the board decided to publish the report as such....

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